The Birds Site Specific design presentation (BDA_US13)

Punk-Rawk street youth,  a bursting tech bubble,  heroin, 20 somethings, and the culture that embodies it all.  these are the things i saw when thinking about a design for The Birds.  I did not want to think about it in suck a traditional sense that the birds fly and things of that nature.  Instead, i chose to focus on how the groups of people, birds, and gods interacted with each-other and how those relationships would provide tension to drive the performance forward.  What if Pisthetairos and Euelpides were broke from the collapse of the tech bubble?  What if they brought there coping mechanisms (heroin) to a bunch of flighty street youth living in there own tent city under the bridge?  These are the types of questions i wanted to design for; creating a world where our throw-aways are brought to the forefront as other try to connive their way to the top.  A scenographic approach with costumes and sets(renderings,paperwork and models)

Isaac Ramsey, USA

University of Connecticut