Avianza (BDA_US14)

This project, Avianza, is based on a concept for a Cirque Du Soleil production inspired by Aristophanes’ The Birds. These costumes are for the scene in which Procne, the nightingale, summons a chorus of birds with her exquisite song. In my vision of the circus performance, the nightingale is a central character, soaring above the stage as the main vocalist throughout the show. As Procne sings, a bird chorus emerges on stage in small troupes of similar birds, each with their unique costume and performance theme. In my designs, troupes of acrobats and dancers are costumed as fanciful flamingos and "Birds of Araby." The bird chorus would also include troupes of parrots on trapeze, tightrope-walking kiwis and playful peacocks, among others. There are also costumes for clown birds represented as “dodo birds” with oversize beaks and comical birds on stilts. 
Ariana Schwartz, USA  
University of Oregon