The Birds Site Specific design presentation (BDA_US17)


This interpretation of “The Birds” is about the illusive world we are living in.  What is the true reality?  This play is influenced a lot by my experience  as a foreign student coming to the USA from Eastern Europe, into this culture that is supposedly on the top of civilization.
In this media-driven world of advertisements, any product can be sold and any story is believable. Man has now the possibility, and has given himself the right to influence other people’s destiny by guiding their decisions.  This puts man on, or even above the position of the gods, who are only illusions already.
My play is set on a landfill, consisting of the waste of society; a place where the birds in this production will live.  Waste is part of their costume (plastic bags, paper boxes,batteries,cables,wires,cans...) and also the set.
Dragana Vutetic, USA  
University of Connecticut