The Birds as Seen from Connecticut: Global Warming and Anti-Migration (BDA_US22)

With Global Warming, the birds are not flying south this year.  They will be setting up new habitats and starting new lives as year-round birds.  They will be learning to stay where they are.  They are moving towards isolationism; no longer going south to cause trouble.  They will be staying on the frigid fringe escaping to nothing and creating crazy activities to stay warm. Further and further isolation creates more and more extreme character traits, that ultimately destroys the stability of the state.   


Urosevic Katarina, Brown Lucy, Ramsey Isaac, Billings Michael, LeFevbre Chad, Vucetic Dragana, Katz Kate, Thacker Kevin, Schomer Jared, Yoo JongAe, Lacher Amber, Laura Crow
University of Connecticut