Pisthetairos-Mission-Log: Arrival to unknown environment proved successful. Exploration of land to reveal what seems to be a relic of a European sailing vessel. Obvious evidence of pre-existing occupants: contact has not been established. Status of claiming an uncomplicated, leisurely living location: in progress.
Euelpidies-Mission-Log: Contact with “Sandpiper” has been made. Members of a strange race of bird-like people, claiming once to be human have made contact. A meeting with Epops is to come. Pisthetairos has encountered tests before, but I am less confident in our welcome.
Pisthetairos-Mission-Log: Manipulation of the BIRD race has proved to be effortless. The suggestion of currency has been received positively and WINGS being a fruitful resource has revealed itself as appropriate material. Natives have exerted resistance, but inevitably surrender. With my new system the God’s starvation will prove successful and my influence over this race will increase.
Euelpidies-Mission-Log: Pisthetairos has talked us into this, I can only hope he can talk us out. Forgive us, we have angered the Gods.


s. Logan Wince, USA  
California Institute of the Arts / Theater