Eggo (BDA_UY01)

Our proposal is fundamentally aimed at generating a visual impact and a esthetic on the spectator.  The show takes place in Montevideo (in the quarry area of Parque Rodo), in a large and central area, the idea being easy access for a large number of spectators.  The concept is an interpretation of the text The Birds by Aristophanes, to transform it into a staging that involves acrobatics, music, dance, theatrical and audiovisual performance.
The stage design consists of a large central tower (approximately 4.5 x 5.5 m) where the central action is developed, and smaller towers that incorporate other aspects of the show.  The story begins with the creation of the universe, and moves symbolically to the development of man’s organization into cities.  The story afterward relates specifically to the text of Aristophanes; involving the escape of Evelpides and Pistetero from the city, the search for the Hoopoe in the forest, and the construction of the ideal city.
Therefore we will basically need four instances or segments:  CHAOS, THE CITY-STATE, THE FOREST, and THE IDEAL CITY.  Each of these four ‘worlds’ will occupy one floor of the tower, which the same actors construct over the basic structure previously set up on stage., in such a way that their movements  are incorporated into the show.
For the moment we will send a photo of the location where the work is to take place, a sketch of the central tower, a basic stage model showing the location and form of the towers, some preliminary wardrobe sketches, and images we have used as reference and inspiration for each of the ‘worlds’ to be created. 
It is important that we clarify we are in the initial stage of the design process and there are some aspects, structural and aesthetic, that we have not determined in definite form.


Florencia Francia, Lucía  Silva, Inés  Iglesias,
Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramatico Margarita Xirgu