The Birds in Thrust (BDA_XX63)

The Birds, as a modern play is in conflict.  Many of its themes remain very relevant to our world's current issues. It is also a satire of its own political era, with many of its best jabs reserved for politicians and personalities of Aristophanes' own time.  Do we perform it as a political statement, as humorous entertainment, or as a means to educate on classical literature? If we perform it as a modern political statement, twisting the text to suit our needs, do we lose the essence of what makes this play a classic?  If we perform it as humorous entertainment do we give up its strong themes?  If we perform it as an exercise in classical theatre do we lose the modern audience?  I designed The Birds with these conflicts in mind.  I choose to design based on a more literal translation of the text, only, instead of creating a work of classic theatre, I choose to create a work of universal theatre.  I want the world to experience the words of Aristophanes on a blank stage so that we can create our own answers to the questions the play expresses while still being able to enjoy the play as a work of classical literature.
Nancy Perrin, Canada