Alexandra Naicu


Birds exhibition: A Canadian Aviary: Costume Designs for “The Bird”s  
6354 Crescent Road
V6T 1Z2 Vancouver
British Columbia
It all began when I realized “Well, I guess I better get into the arts”. And so I did. It started out with a bit of acting, then choreographing fashion shows, special events, and going to Douglas College for Stagecraft. Finally, I thought UBC might teach me some more, so here I am, and hoping to graduate soon. Two of my all time favourite productions to work on would have to be Zastrozzi and the Rocky Horror Show.  Theatre has allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people in town without having to go on public transit & motivated me to explore further into other artistic realms as well.  Recently, I set my own ideas in motion by independently working on a short film (History Lesson) which I have produced, written, directed, designed and edited. I am very determined to use art as a means of social change and improvement, whether by sending out a message or creating opportunities for different voices to be heard.
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