Caitlin Le Harivel

Birds exhibition: The Vir(tu)al Birds  
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Caitlin has spent most of her life in New Zealand. As a student of Performance Design she has begun to explore identity and displacement in her work. While much of her work has investigated her own identity, she also continues to explore shared social and cultural identities. Caitlin is fascinated with the role food plays as a medium of social communication and self-expression - and has explored this interest through a variety of installations and performances. While she works within a theatrical framework, her interests lie in working outside the black box: blurring the lines between Performance and Art, by merging 'real' life with the 'performed', and embracing liveness.
'The Reconstructing Self' is an installation that looks at the role of social perceptions in the construction of social identity; inspired by the transforming identities in Aristophanes' 'The Birds' and the effect the media has on creating our modern identities. Data-projection is used to illuminate the hidden world of perceptions: the multiple identities that we continually project onto others. By making these internal projections visible, the work aims to acknowledge the many virtual identities that contribute to and form our sense of self.



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