Dace Pudāne


Birds exhibition: Flight = delight, flight = fraud, flight = power


Eveles str. 2, student accomodation “Balta kaza”,
Riga, LV -1013
My name is Dace Pudāne. I was born on 1985. 29th March.
I’m studuing in Art Academy of Latvia, dipartment of Stage design in the 6th semester.
In year 2004 I gradued Hight Scool of Design and Art in Riga, department of needelwork design, wher my diploma work was a collection of bathous clothes.
Since 1993.year till 2000. year I was learning in Art School in Aizkraukle.
In 2006. year I made stage design and costumes for theatrical “If You lay horizontal and look vertical” by M. de Servantes “Don Kihot” motives, in Riga Theatre “Stage”.
In 2006. uear I took place in a LMA student exibition about  protection Gray Dune of Pavilosta “Doomsday Karaoke” with a short movie called ‘’Gray Dune of Pavilosta”.
In 2005. year I took place in LMA exibition, project “Nica” in Riga.
In 2005. year I was wolunteer at IX Latvian Song and Dance Festival in intergration and processing.
In 2003. and 2004. year I took place in exibition “Milan Mass” in Milano.
However I was took place in many local scale exibitions in Aizkraukle since 1997.  

more info: www.theatre.lv