Hermione Flynn

Birds exhibition: The Vir(tu)al Birds  
‘Bird Watching’ is a performance installation that features a model manically strutting upon a grass catwalk until she is physically or mentally unable to continue doing so.  As she walks, feathers moult from her netted skirt, and onlookers peer through binoculars as they relax in a deck chair, scrutinising her personal journey. The piece explores the unavoidable disintegration from a contrived, manufactured, and superficial ideal towards the raw expression of instinct, and human limitations.
For Flynn, clothing is a symptom of the mental condition. However, since clothing sits in the zone between the body and the outside world, there is conflict between the personal and the public. This complex yet communal language of dress can provide designers with the most powerful tools of communication and artistic expression. Flynn has developed her work in this field of interest during her studies. and hopes to continue exploring fashion, costume and wearable arts through performance and exhibition.





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