Isabel Angel Garcia

Babel exhibition: Opera “Pagliacci”. Music: Ruggero Leoncavallo. Year: 2006  
Date of birth: June 16th of 1963, Medellín (Colombia).
Fine Arts. Restoration of stained-glass windows. Skills in Ceramics. Artistic jewellery. Gold and silver work.
Academic details:
-          Master in Scenography (Complutense University of Madrid). Madrid.
-          School of arts and crafts. Jewellery. Madrid.
-          Restoration of stained-glass windows. CEPA. Madrid.
-          School of arts and crafts. Gold and silver work. Madrid.
-          Royal High School of Dramatic Art (R.E.S.A.D.) experimental course of stage desing. Madrid.
-          Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Antioquia, Medellín (Colombia).
Professional experience:
Decoration and construction of scenery for the television studio ATEI (Associatión of educative iberoamerican television).
Studio assinstant, Antiqua escena, s.l.
Graphic design for the following plays:
”Como nubes” tribute to Luis Cerduda. Direction: Carlos Menéndez.
-          “Infieles” (Marco Antonio de la Parra). Direction: Jorge Iván Suárez.
-          "Lucrecia & Judith” (Maco Antonio de la Parra). Direction: Jorge Iván Suárez.
-          "Mientras gira el carrusel" (Juan Carlos de Ibarra). Direction: Juan Carlos de Ibarra.
-          "Páginas arrancadas del Diario de P". Direction: Jorge Iván Suárez (among other).
Visual space for:
-          "Hiroshima mon Amour" (Marguerite Duras & José Páez). Classic Theatre Festival of Mérida.
-          "Misterio Bufo" (Darío Fo).  Direction: Gilberto Martínez. Group: El Tinglado.
Creation of masks and make-up design for the comic play “Don Juan” (Cervantes), Alcalá de Henares.

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