Izabelle Wilkinson Smith

Babel exhibition: BAA_UK05  
Flat 11 Arnemwood Court
9 West Cliff Road
BH2 5ET, Bournemouth
United Kingdom
I have studied creative subjects all my life and focused more in specialist areas as I have got older. Art and Music have always been great passions of mine and as I progressed in education I looked into areas of the theatre, eventually choosing to study costume for the stage and screen. After starting out in Wimbledon, I chose to move down to Bournemouth where I finally found the course that was right for me. I am a friendly, confident individual who loves to find new projects and most of all I love to work with different people. Having fun whilst being challenged is a great combination for me and a got this from my degree. I recently graduated from a costume course in Bournemouth where I am currently living and working with the intent of keeping up my creative interest, particularly in costume with outside projects.
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