Karen Hay


Birds exhibition: Itís just my words that give you wings  
Edge Hill University, St. Helens Road, Ormskirk
Karen is a lecture in Technical Theatre at Edge Hill University and is currently registered as a PhD student at Leeds University, studying composition under the supervision of Ewan Stefani.  Karen has designed original material for student and professional performances at the Rose Theatre. Credits include: Midsummer Night's Dream, More Light, The Seagull and The Tempest.  Karen has showcased her work in Albuquerque, New Mexico (as part of the Popular Culture Association), at the Composers' Forum, Leeds (in association with Sonic Arts Network), Udine, Italy (whilst giving a lecture on the hierarchical structure of the auditory and visual senses in performance), and more recently in Aberdeen at the Sound As Art conference (in association with the Scottish Sound Festival).  Karen is a member of ABTD and has some examples of her work currently showing at the ABTD Exhibition in Nottingham.
more info: http://www.soundvalley.co.uk