Karyn McCallum

Birds exhibition: The Birds at the Port of Vancouver  
201-510 Chesterfield Ave
North Vancouver V7M 2L9
British Columbia
I am originally from England and have spent most of my adult life in Canada. I have worked extensively in both countries as a scenic artist in the theatre, which has fed my family as well as my technical growth as a painter.
For the past few years, I have returned to designing scenery and costumes. I recently completed my MFA in theatre design at the University of Victoria, having returned to school to re-asses my creative goals as well as develop my skills.
In my work, I attempt to create an interaction between form, light, and projected image that will support the interaction between the performer and the text. I look at my work as a continuous development that compels me to explore new media as well as social change, in order to reflect the culture within which we live. 

more info: www.karyn-mccallum.ca