Lucy Hermon


Babel exhibition: A Montage of Possibilities' Proposals for a new tower  
Queen Alexandra Road
HP11 2JZ
Lucy Hermon is currently studying Set and Theatre Design at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University. From a young age she has been passionate about making and creating. From vandalising her grandparentsí rose bushes at age six to create a mini sculpture to work experience at sixteen with a professional Scottish jeweler, Sheena MacMaster she has had a need to create.
Her ambition is to pursue a career in set design whether in theatre, music or film. It is important for her to have variety in her life and can't see herself focusing on just one aspect of art and design. She is keen to try her hand at any and all aspects of her subject. She enjoys working with others and feels set design can offer a sufficient amount of interaction whilst also fulfilling this yearning to create. 

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