Martina Fintorová

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Žehrianska 3
851 07, Bratislava
1982: 21. April, born in Bratislava (SK)
1996 – 2000
: Secondary Comprehensive School, Bratislava Art – Craft specialization – painting of scenes
2002 –  Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bratislava (VSMU) Stage and Puppet Design, Department of Puppetry, Dramatic Faculty

1999 – 2001:
Bratislava´s Puppet Theatre, Bratislava, collaboration on the realisation of  the stage and puppets design on a few performances
2003:B. Tarasovičová: „About big eater and magic coat“, Puppet Theatre, Žilina, SK,/assistant of the stage designer/
2003: school project „Finally“,  /stage setting/

: Lifšic, Kočanovová: „Mysterious Hippopotamus“, studio VSMU Bratislava, direction: P. Musilová, participation on the home and foreign festivals 5x, awarded 2x, /stage design/
2005: S. Lavrík: „Yellow Yellow Lilly“, direction: J. Ondra, collaboration with Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, CZ, festivals (SK, CZ), /stage design/

: . Matejovičová: „Godot was still here, or forgive us Mr. Beckett“, studio 12, Bratislava, direction: J. Hubinák, /puppets and costumes/
2006: one man show “About proud marguerite”, travelling performance (SK), direction: M. Žák, /stage, costume and puppet design/
2006 /2007:  “The Ratman”, studio VSMU, Theatre a.ha., Bratislava, direction: P. Musilová, /stage design/

2004; 2006: collective school exhibitions of the Stage and Puppet Design, in Bratislava, Slovakia; and in Zagreb, Croatia, festival PIF

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