Meggan  Frauenstein

Birds exhibition: The Vir(tu)al Birds  
“To fly, to fly!  It’s worth the world!  Oh isn’t it the best of things?”
The way that women view themselves and how they are viewed by others is intrinsically linked to propagandist women’s magazines, tabloids, cosmetics companies and most overtly, the Beauty Pageant. Laura Mulvey wrote in her paper “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.” that women have become accustomed to being viewed in an objectified way.  She terms women as having a “to-be-looked-at-ness”.  Thus they identify their place within society and their sexuality with their visual appeal. In her project for ‘The Vir(tu) al Birds’, South African born and NZ raised Meggan Frauenstein investigates the relationship between the abject body and its cosmetic surfaces.  






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