Melanie Ncube

7 Vesperdene Rd, Greenpoint
8001 Capetown
South Africa
I was born (2/11/1983) and raised and schooled in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and I have been studying drama and theatre since 2003 at Rhodes University in South Africa. At the end of 2006 I will complete my Honours degree in Drama (having already attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Linguistics at the end of 2005).
By main interests in the theatre are Theatre Design and Stage Management. Despite having studied drama during the past four years, I feel that I have been little exposed to activity in the contemporary theatre! I am greatly interested in finding out what practitioners of TODAY are up to; what they are being inspired by, and what they are creating, particularly in the design field.
At this point, my future plans are unknown and unrestricted J I have yet to discover much about the potentials that the world has to offer me. However, I am open and optimistic about whatever that may be, at whichever particular moment it might happen to drop into my lap, always keeping in mind the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”!

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