Neroli Snowden


Babel exhibition: A Montage of Possibilities' Proposals for a new tower  
46 Cliffe Rise
Surrey GU7 2JY
Neroli Snowden is currently at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University where she is studying set design for theatre film and television. At the age of 16 her mother took her away travelling the world for a year where she learnt more than she probably ever had at school including fire performing which is a art form in itself. Six years later she still loves playing with a range of fire toys and brings it in to her work and life as much as possible. While at college doing A-level art and drama she knew she had to give one of them up which was going to be a hard decision to make as she enjoyed them both. But whilst in drama lesson one day her teacher suggested doing set design for one of the modules rather then acting, which she did and has been passionate about doing it ever since.  
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