Uģis Bērziņš

Birds exhibition: Playground  
Riga area, Salaspils, „Mezares”,
My name is Uģis Bērziņš. I was born on 1982. 16th February in Riga.
I’m studuing in Art Academy of Latvia, dipartment of Stage design in the 4th semester.
In year 2004 I gradued Hight Scool of Design and Art in Riga, department of metal design, wher my diploma work was a Salvers.1998. – Riga aplide art school. 1997 –  Daugavpils gymnasium. 1996 –  Daugavpils school of arts.
WORKING EXPERIENCE: 2006. stage designer for „Cinderella” in theatre VE. 2006. poster designer. 2006.-till now  consultant in art galery M6. 2005.  advert designer. 2004. assistant in recreatin center in Salaspils. 2003. private orders in lapidary works
EXHIBITIONS: 2006. –  recreatin center in Ropazi; 2004.-The international biennale for Designers in Saint-Etiene, France ; 2004.-" Closer"-an exhibition of RDMV graduate coursework at the Talsi city museum of history,Latvia ; 2004.-"Created in Latvia"-at the Cesis city exhibition hall,Latvia ; 2004."Young Design"  -exhibition of RDMV 2004-2005 graduate coursework at the Design museum  ,Riga,Latvia; 2004.-RDMV diplomaworks exhibition at the school"s exhibition hall; 2000.feb.-march  -"Drawings"   personal exhibition at the Rigas vieglas rupniecibas tehnikums exhibition hall

more info: www.theatre.lv