Ecole de Promotion Sociale (E.PS.) Saint-Luc Bruxelles

 Ecole de Scénographie

Scenography is the art of global formalization of the space for a theatrical performance.  The scenographer is responsible for all what is concerned in spatial and visual aspects of a performance.  Creation of a setting for a staging, fitting of a whole space for a performance, conception of a theatre place : scenographer's interventions may vary in forms and importance.
Every formal setting work of a thinking about space as performance place belongs to scenography.  That's the reason why these branch is more and more often extending beyond the strictly theatrical domain towards fields which are staking the concept of representation : exhibitions, museums, urban spaces, … — wherever space is perceived as bringing about some signification.


The School of Scenography is turning out scenographers who are knowing deeply conception, functionning and realization of the theatre place in its most extended acceptation : theatre of course, but also music-hall, concert, animation, television, cinema, but moreover museum, exhibition, advertising, architecture, town-planning.  However, the groundwork of the teaching remains the theatre, because it's there that the relations between meaning and space are at the same time the most many-sided and the most understandable.
Thereby is the education based on three main axes :

-          the space of the theatre, its history, its representation, its expression;
-          the technique of settings, costumes, lighting and sound;
-          the dramaturgy, the relation between text and acting.

Studies organization

The School of Scenography Saint-Luc provides a short-time éducation cursus, which extends on three years.  As a social promotion school, it offers a shifted time-table, at the rate of three hours four evenings a week.
The studies require moreover a lot of hard home work

Student's work:
  BDA_BE01 A Forges
A non-place for an ideal society
From birthday to birds day
The Birds : In seek for a juster society
From administrative city to ideal city (BDA_BE0105)
From administrative city to ideal city (BDA_BE0106)
From death to a new life
  Xavier de Coster
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  57, rue d'Irlande
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