DAMU - Theatre faculty, Academy of Performing Arts
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  Department of Stage Design - SCENOGRAPHY was founded as part of the Theater Faculty just after the Second World War by Professor František Troster, one of the most celebrated personalities of Czech scene design.
The study of stage and costume design is understood as a part of the study of theatre. Studying with directors, dramaturges and actors corresponds better to the actual way theatrical performances and creative teams work together. The founding idea of the study of costume design and mask is subordinated to BA and MA levels.
Drawing is the basic means of communication. We draw thinks which do not exist so that they could exist. In BA level students shaping of characters with material, colour, shape and movement. And in Mgr. degree students formulate an individual program for further study. The Masters program at the Department of Stage Design in atelier of Costume and Mask is intent on Theatre, Film and Television.
The leading pedagogues of the Department Costume and Mask are Prof. Jana Zborilova and doc .Ivana Bradkova.
Students work
  Birds: The Greatest Show on Earth
Borders - limit of space / limit of freedom
KMI 1.0
  Barbara Tumova
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