Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens  
Interior Architecture and Design Department
  The Department is a part of the Applied Arts Faculty in the Technological Educational Institution of Athens. It has been operative since 1997 and together with the other Departments of the Applied Arts Faculty forms the only relevant University level Institution in Greece. The duration of the studies is four (4) years, divided into eight (8) semesters.
The Department has established a continuous follow-up of the scientific and educational international trends, introduces the contemporary technologies in the educational programs and executes theoretical and technological researches.
The goal of the Department is to provide the students with a spherical education, with a technical, artistic and spatial background, covering the needs of a constantly increasing market and meeting the continuously renewed requirements and practice of the Interior Architecture and Design worldwide.


Student's work:
Postal adres:
  Agiou Spiridonos Str., Aegaleo
12210, Athens