School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Drama Department
  The Drama department has a double aim: the scientific study of theatrical phenomenon and simultaneously the development of the art of theatre. Therefore the character of the studies is mixed: scientific and artistic, theoretical and practical. The studies last 10 semesters. During the first 4 semesters students get to know about Scenography and Costume Design. The students that will follow the strand, they attend theoretical and practical modules, like design for the stage, technology of theatrical space, elements of visual language, costume design, lighting design, technical drawing, model making, costume construction, sculpting, color, puppetry, scenic construction, special constructions, mask, scene painting, prop making…The last 2 semesters are dedicated to the development of the final project that has a practical character (sometimes in the form of a performance in cooperation with acting students) and to the development of the final dissertation that has a theoretical research character.


Student's work: An installation-performance inspired by Aristophanes’ Birds
  Alexandra Boussoulega
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  122 Egnatia str.
54622, Thessaloniki