Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
Stage and Costume Design Department
  The  Department works on an open-minded philosophy for the world of theatre, of the world of  our time.
In the first three years the students has the possibility to reach the basics of the profession in thinking and in practicality as well. Each semester is identified by the main craft to learn and at the same time to experience the way of creation of the most famous Hungarian designers. The semesters are thought by different masters.
The last two years has the aim to emphasize the methods of the artistic approaches, the different ways and methods  of theatre  design.
The topics of the designs are: “the toolbox”; “the perception”; “the basics of design, one-act play”; “first play: Shakespeare”; “classics: Moliere, Goldoni”; “Film and TV design”; “Realism and avant-gard”; “Opera-Musical”.
In the last year everybody has realized work in theatre before creating the Oeuvre of Dploma. 
Student's work:
  Tyrants from a Bird's-eye View: Aristopane’s Birds
  Judit Csanadi
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  Hungary 1065 Budapest, 69-71 Andrássy Street
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