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Theatre Studies
  Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam studies live art, here and now. In doing so it focuses on the social-cultural context of performances, its relationship to other arts, methods of analysing rehearsals and performances and more practically, the whole process from text to performance. One of the more practical orientated aspects of Theatre Studies are the design courses, in which students acquire and develop skills on the basis of existing knowledge and insights, complemented by practical exercises and guest lectures from specialists in the field. The student gets insight in theatrical (design-) processes characterized by an interplay between abstractions/ideas/concepts on the one hand and concrete material forms on the other. Thereby it is apparent that transforming ideas into forms does not happen by itself but comes about in work processes in which one has to deal with sometimes unruly and refractory materials. Hence these processes are characterized largely by trial and error. Basic concepts for the module are: theatrical disciplines and their design methods, virtual theatre, idea and realisation, etc. One aspect we concentrate on is digital designing in the theatre. Theatrical design processes are more and more influenced by virtual-reality techniques. The work of the students shown in PQ is the result of one of these courses in design. Lecturers: Henk Danner, Paul Beumer and Tjallien Walma van der Molen.
Student's work:
  Aristophanes In Amsterdam
  Henk Danner
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