Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo
 Theatre/ Design and Production
  ESMAE (Superior School of Music and Performing Arts) is part of the Polytechnic of Porto – integrated in the state system of higher education in Portugal.
Currently our school has two main departments – Music and Theatre. The courses run for four years, at the end of which the students achieve a B.A. degree with an extra year postgraduate diploma – “Licenciatura”.
Porto is the second city of Portugal and our school has 554 students (2/3 in Music and 1/3 in Theatre).
In the department of Theatre we run courses in Acting and Design and Production, in the specific areas of Costume, Set, Sound and Lighting, and Stage Management.
All of the Theatre courses have a body of disciplines in common – Theory (History of Theatre, Aesthetics, Critical Theory and Dramaturgy) and a principle discipline of Production where all of the students participate in the creation and public presentation of a variety of Theatre productions – depending on the year/level they are studying.
This level of production is a characteristic factor of our Theatre School and although requires much effort and attention it is the area in which we pride ourselves, and where the students have the opportunity to apply the specific techniques and knowledge they aquire in their regular classes where they study in their chosen discipline
Student's work:
  To Bird or not to Bird
  Manuela Bronze
Postal adres:
  Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo – Curso de Teatro – Design e Produção
Rua da Alegria, 503 
4000-045 Porto