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SCENOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Stage design is strongly based on fine and applied arts, and can be described as a »space (visual) language of drama«. Basic stage design studies deal with the issue of importance of stage space in relation to dramatic concept – »How much a drama is visual or how much is dramatic visual?« These questions can be researched through the relation between textual and visual, relation between the whole of theater space and dramatic concept of an actor in space, between film space and the experience of spectators. The aim of stage design studies is to form academic experienced creators, who will be capable of undertaking the leading role in the future creative team that will create innovative, original, when needed even provocative theater performances or films. Combining the knowledge and skills in theoretical and practical fields, graduates are capable of creating alternative vocabulary of performance making method. As much as it is possible, work with the students is individual, through practical tasks, parallelly insisting on development and improving of their creative potentials.

COSTUME DESIGN DEPARTMENT Teaching programs of the courses taught in the Stage Costume Studio enable students to prepare themselves for designing of stage costumes of all media – theater, film and TV, to supervise and follow realization of their own projects in any of the listed media to do research in their profession, to develop their capabilities within construction and reconstruction of costume elements and costume in its entirety. Students are directed towards the high artistic and aesthetic level of their own ideas, respecting tradition and paying attention to all the stages of the realization of their ideas. Once they master the matter they were taught in the course of their studies, graduates are capable to be costume designers, with high level of artistic and general culture and deep knowledge of artistic tradition of their own and other environments – without which one cannot be a professional in a freely chosen profession.

Student's work:
  BIRDWATCH from The Great War Island
The Birds on the Way of Progress
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