University of Arts, Scenski dizajn / Scene Design

PhD Scene Design, Interdisciplinary postgraduate studies program is designed to establish and support an interdisciplinary approach to contemplating, creating and executing performance and performing space through lectures and practical work.

It has been created for architects, designers, visual artists and professionals coming from differing backgrounds in performing arts, including scenographers, costume designers, theatre technicians and engineers, light and sound designers, critics and researchers, theatre directors, producers and playwrights. The scene design programme also attracts those whose professional life is strongly influenced by the performing space and different aspects of spectacle.

The course is designed to maximise and support individual curriculum and method of studying through research, creative work and actual production. This is a three-year programme is based on different modules - lectures, workshops, practical work and projects.

Student's work:
  The Island of Birds
  Marija Simeunović
Postal address:
  Kosančićev venac 29
11000 Belgrade