National Sun Yat-sen University  
Department of Theatre Arts
  NSYSUís Department of Theatre Arts was established in 2003, the only one of its kind in a comprehensive and research-oriented university in Taiwan.  The purpose of establishing such a program is to prepare students for excellence in performance, design, management and dramatic theories. To achieve that goal, the Department offers a rich variety of courses taught by highly qualified teachers from various fields of dramatic studies.  In addition, the yearly dramatic productions offer students creative design and performance opportunities.  The association with a number of regional professional theatre companies (e.g., Tainanren Troupe, Kuo Kuang Troupe), as well as campus visits by professional theatre managers, directors, designers, and performers also provides professional growth opportunities for students.  Hence, the mission of the Department is to provide quality education for students who desire to pursue a career related to theatre, whether that career is in acting, directing, design, technical theatre, management, or teaching.  Equally important is a strong commitment to the enrichment of life by teaching students to understand and appreciate beauty and art.  The program in this Department is thus structured to involve students in all aspects of theatre arts including childrenís drama, design and technology, performance, and theories.  Through expert education in the Department, we hope to cultivate theatre professionals to promote advanced knowledge and skills in theatre.  We also look forward to promoting theater arts in the hope of achieving the goal of being ďa new access to theater knowledge and a new provider of theater professionals.Ē  With such a goal in mind, the focus of the freshman year curriculum is on basic dramatic arts and general education to give students solid background knowledge to develop their potentials.  Beginning with the second year, we provide trainings in three professional tracks: performance and directing, theory, and design.  These three tracks of coursework will be further integrated through practice and productions.  Through practice and production, students are expected to gain a wide variety of knowledge in such aspects of dramatic arts as play-writing, directing, stage performance, and various supporting expertise. 
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