Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design  
 BA (Hons) Theatre: Design for Performance

The idea of performance has now become integrated within a wide range of cultural and commercial activity. In a world where visual communication is equally expanding in its significance, the role of production designer has never been more pivotal. BA (Honours) Theatre: Design for Performance aims to introduce, analyse and challenge the function of design for performance; it interprets performance in the context of the current eclectic, cross-disciplinary nature of the arts, transcending language barriers and encouraging you to explore and challenge traditional territories and assumptions. It recognises the practice of design for theatre, performance on film and video, manifestations of live performance in an expanded field, and all hybrid combinations of these. The Course takes a holistic approach to performance design, conceiving it as having a proactive role within collaborative genres.

Student's work:
  Design for Cochrane Collaboration – ‘The Birds’
  Michael Spencer
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10 Back Hill
London, EC1 5EN